Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

emotional puff, Kana Okamoto

“Art schools are sorta like crack dens” says artist Kerry James Marshall.

I think he means that students and instructors alike get hooked on compulsive making, dialogue and critiques. Everyone is encouraging, “ooh, I like that” or “interesting piece” and even the smallest achievements get boosted.

here is everywhere, Torrance Beamish

Is art school delusional? Well, no. I think the purpose of art (artists) is to be an agent of change,

the future is sexy, Leyla Mitchell

doesn’t mean you must have complete trust in the art school but under the circumstances art schools allow for the right to play, for choice and possibilities — to touch everything without rubber gloves on

untitled, Bonnie Hoskawa

and art school fills the compulsive desire to connect with others that think like you;

self-portrait, Megan Oliver

so…work in the studio, communicate and engage with the art world you want to live in.

(Kazumi eating cake) A Place in a ____ Part of Town, Torrance Beamish

OFF TOPIC the graduating class of Camosun College Visual Arts program 2010