Voiced bellows, purges, moans, snorts, expulsions, mumbles, screams, cries, words and plain song; 2 women vocalists in pinstripe; projected philosophical text of Wittgenstein and noises off. Parallel script structures run the entire length of the 20-minute performance. Christopher Butterfield composed a 20-page score with three different sections on each page (sheet music, words -toilet paper, lipstick, tampons- and visual/text mashups), a bell chime signals every minute and the performers choose one section to vocalize next. Choosing adds improvisational stalls, loops, overlaps, rests and chants. Public washrooms are the subject and with all the echoing sounds and text a labyrinth of stalls is easily imagined where the entire private but shared bodily functions take place. An ugly-pretty sound experiment belted out with tongue.


Stall by Christopher Butterfield
Vocalists: DB Boyko/Christine Duncan

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