“It is not what you see that is important but what takes place between people”, Rirkrit Tiravanija

Open Engagement conference 2012


“Who am I Where?”


“It turns out there is room for everyone.”


The walking studio or walking environment  explored as aesthetic practice to investigate movements, bodies and space.

The Public: public space, public readers, public body, public action…on-going space for discourse, mutual knowledge, shape shifting gestures, co-created meanings, form and flux and shared memory” -Paul Ramirez Jonas


“I didn’t even know it was art”

“Oh it’s just art”

“But I don’t care if its art.”

“Escapology. Escape from objecthood, authorship, spectatorship; escape from Art’s purposeless purpose, autonomy and disinterested spectator. Consider real time, full scale, user-ship, use-value, collective works“. Stephan Wright

“Art isn’t always representational. In performance studies, behaviour and conduct,  and staging a reality has hasn’t happened yet but I hope will happen, will force more thinking….a transitory state. Performance is useful, it does for others, …something is generated to last longer than the piece itself” -Tania Brugerua

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