Circle Ceremonies

“What does it mean to be a guest on traditional territory of Lekwungen people?”- asked by Tahltan curator Peter Morin

“What I want to know is when the Europeans came here is why didn’t they adopt our ways of living? Ways of living that have sustained our people for centuries.” -asked by Emilio Portal

Kwakwaka’wakw Elder Gerry Ambers lead a Circle Ceremony on June 9 at Open Space Artist Run Centre, inviting participants to meet and speak their personal stories and share perspectives on hosting and being a guest in Victoria BC in the present time. Every story we hear changes us. Cedar enclosure constructed by Emilio Portal.

“Listening is the stage of comprehension, of pay attention, which follows acknowledging sounds. If we know how, we can listen…hearing old stories in new ways and unsettling our familiar notions of first contact and all the history that follows.” John Sutton Lutz in Myth and Memory Stories of Indigenous-European Contact

Subsequent Circles in the fall of 2012

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