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Vic Sightings Victoria based skate photographers and videographers at the fifty fifty 2516 Douglas St. Victoria BC

Vic Sightings celebrates the local skate culture’s identity and displays the great work that people are making here. The project organizers are interested in showcasing Victoria and how street skating exploits the city landscape and re-shapes the architecture. The work of the artists in the exhibition will give face to the sites, skaters, equipment and techniques used to make their art.

Skateboarders flow through the streets, alleys, parking lots-finding spots-grinding rails, jumping stair sets, executing kickflips, hardflips and other forms of urban shreddery. It is a wood-wheels-turning-systems of movements mixed with a skater’s personal style. Technically, photographer and skater harmonize their skills to achieve the perfect trick/photo combo.

photographer jay zee

photographer matt macleod

photographer luke connor

Vic Sightings co-ordinated by Doug Jarvis and Brenda Petays