monkey boutique

These monkeys, which are grown in wooly cradles, are pink, brown, small, thin, long, red, grey, and lumpy with bulges, holes, genitalia and other branching appendages.

Tracy Nelson has furnished a room with sock monkeys and dressed the furniture with blankets and sweaters. There is considerable activity here: each monkey doll has received the same careful attention with needle and thread, each has its own inked portrait and morphing video. You’ll notice: color, texture, scale, selection, multiplication, repetitions, deformations, hybridization…like this monkey’s mouth is a pocket, I can put my hand inside, it is red and deep, animal and sensual. This one looks like it has uncut toenails how gross. That monkey’s head is ears only. Another has the face of an eminently qualified district attorney.

Are they rebellious Monkey Kings wanting to take us on criminal journey? Or soft surrogates of comfort replacing all the absent mothers and lovers that have left us? Or is this a padded cell and these are my cellmates?

Maybe simplistic ancestors? Or evolved spawn? Nelson’s monkeys do seem interested in the diversity of the individual and the interaction between genetics, sexual selection and behavior. It is how the earth ended up so rich a mixture of life after all.

Tracey Nelson Walls of Intrigue and Cabinets of Curiosity May 28 Victoria BC

  1. vanessa said:

    loves this!!!! really cool

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